Clockwork City

The idea with Clockwork City was to create a 2,5D platforming level to go along with it's companion piece, Clockwork Girl. The models were made in Maya, with tileable textures painted in Photoshop and additional texturing done in Substance Painter. The final renders are real time recordings and screenshots from Unreal Engine 4 with fully dynamic/movable lighting. As part of the project I also did some basic visual scripting with Blueprints in Unreal (to animate gears and trigger lamps lighting up, etc), as well as creating the various particle effects. The cel shading effect was achieved through a post process material provided by Simon Carlsson.


Concepts and Process

I started with brainstorming possible assets that shared the same theme as the character (i.e. clockwork/steampunk). From there on I sketched out the silhouette and then colors of the level before drawing a final mockup that I used as guide for the models and Unreal scene.